again with the bugs? errors? blender, get your act together!

A while back i experienced a problem, where the mouselook was completely messed up, it;s hard to explain, so take a look at my blend: [SOLVED]
this is my second post on the same damn bug, the last solution was to delete the camera and make a new one, i tried that and it still didn’t work, i tried deleting the character and remaking it, doesn’t work, i tried using a different mouselook script, doesn’t work. and the fact that this KEEPS happening over and over again completely rules out any possibility of just keeping on deleting and recreating the camera and player object.
I just simply do not know what to do. :no:

I also perpetually get this error:

Hello again. I was the one that told you to replace the camera last time, and I am going to do it again! :rolleyes:

About the error. I have no idea.

Here is the older file I downloaded (the new one is 38MB!) I replaced the camera, and deleted everything that I didn’t need (to reduce size)


Fixed.blend (365 KB)

Simply replacing the objects would be a simple solution, however this isn’t the second time this has happened, this error happens so much that deleting and replacing the objects wouldn’t work, I need to know what’s causing this so this doesn’t keep happening

That problem seems like an extremely random and not-usual error. Because nobody else seems to be having it… I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this: it’s your computer.

Try reformatting your PC and try it again. Don’t blame Blender for obscure bugs that happen under very specific conditions.

When weird bugs like your camera problem pop up in Blender, it’s usually a version compatibility issue. Something weird happened in the process of opening a 2.4x blend file in 2.49. In these cases, it’s best to, as excalliber said, just recreate the object. It also could be a problem with your script.


hi lipsonfire,

For the Windows - No Disk error I did a google search and found this.

link to Windows - No Disk error

Your blend wouldn’t run on my computer until I disabled all of the FX special effects. After that, it ran without problem. So I’m going to guess that your problem isn’t with Blender but with the OpenGL python scripts that you are trying to run.

I did get an error message that the object “OBEmpty” couldn’t be found. (Line 6 of the script “gluproj”.) Maybe that’s what’s causing the problem. Or it could be that one or more of the OpenGL python scripts isn’t compatible with your video card.


glad to see ITunes and Google desktop also need to get their act together :slight_smile:

Pity there wasn’t a suggested fix.

@sam, the first thing i considered was that it was a user error and not blender, but after a while, after there is seemingly no visible solution, i took into considering it was a blender error. I’ll try it on another computer asap.
@cthames, thank you for the fix of the no disk error :slight_smile: . i deleted all the FX scripts, even deleted the empty controlling those scripts, still isn’t working.

hi lipsonfire,

Are you talking about the camera swinging wildly from side to side instead of just turning like it’s supposed to? If you are, it’s doing that because the scale of the player, camera, etc aren’t set to 1.0. To see what I’m talking about open Transform Properties (N Key) and click on the objects.

To set them to a scale of 1.0, select the player in object mode and apply Scale and Rotation to OBData. (Ctrl + A Key >> Scale and Rotation to OBData) Then do the same thing for the camera, etc.

The Ctrl A Key doesn’t work on a camera or an empty. You’ll have to type it in by hand for that.

Do that and the camera will turn left and right like it’s supposed to.


Cthames, you sir have just made my day, i was actually considering giving 3d rad a try, thank you a million good sir!

hi lipsonfire,

Glad it helped. I learned the hard way about setting the scale to 1.0 in the game engine. Just about drove me crazy until I figured it out. :spin: