Age of Epic(Beta)

Hi all you “Blender”, “Age of Empires” and “Empire Earth” lovers!

Ever wonder how neat it would be to have one of those games for free?

Have it on your mobile phone, PC, Mac or even just simply on your web browser?

Well look no more! Here is “Age of Epic”, a medieval strategy based game made specifically for those who love to sit back, relax, and watch their colony expand before your very eyes…

Unfortunately this isn’t a game designed using the blender game engine. Although all the graphics arts and animations were used using only blender as a source of image editing and generating!

Also I’m looking for some testers to test out the game as well and give feedback! Although this game is still in development, it is still playable.

Game Link:

Donations and comments are extremely appreciated. Anyone who donates will have their names credited in the final version for your amazing support!

For bug lists and more details visit this forum post link:,
Corey S.