Agent 327 and Olga Lawina fanart

Listening to the most recent Blender podcast, I became aware of the amazing looking comic book series Agent 327 and fell in LOOOVE with the artstyle and character design. I´m planning to recreate some of the covers as digital sculpts, maybe play around with a little animation of the characters, we´ll see. Critique and comments are very welcome!

this is how it started (dyntopo sculpt + simple hdri + diffuse colors + basic skin shader):

and here´s a pic of the viewport:


Had a little time to work on Olga, got a little closer to the feel I´m going for. Still long way to go:


Some progress on Olgas body:



Nice work. I don’t have any critiques. I wanted to make a comment because I know it can be discouraging when you work hard on a project and everone is silent. Keep up the good work. I think you are going in the right direction.

Thanks Dan, I´m glad you like it!

Finally had some time to start modeling plus reworked Olgas back:


It’s hard to critique cartoons since they’re not necessarily supposed to look realistic, but the anatomy could definitely be improved. If you want you could send me the model and I’d define some tendons and muscles for her then bake a displacement map for you. Assuming she’s unwrapped.

Hey Mumrik, thanks for the offer! I´m trying to get this overstylized kind of feel shown in the images below, so “fixing anatomy” is not really what I´m looking for with these characters, rather finding nice flowing lines:


Well in that case I think she might be cross eyed also the guy in your reference seems to have a pronounced brow ridge, yours lacks that, keep it up.

You´re right about the brow ridge. As far as Olga; in some reference she is crosseyed, in others she isn´t. I haven´t decided yet which way I´m going to go, just trying out different styles for now.

started modeling Olga, changed the face completely to a more simplistic/cartoony style that´s closer to how she is portrayed in some of the comic strips;


Some expression tests for agent 327 and some progress on Olga:


it´s been a little while and I learned a lot about stylized characters since, so I got into the project again. Here is the latest progress. Next off, I´m going to give a little more love to the hands and start thinking about the hair.

Light test on Olga:

In post 9 there is a really emphasized, pronounced S Curve going on with her thigh and lower leg. Flowing curve to the ninth degree if you will. But, you are really getting this under control here. Very impressive IMHO. Really nicely done.

Thank you very much, sir!! I did try to achieve that gorgeous S Curve look, but it looks ridiculous/broken even with a basic walkcycle, so it´s not really suited for animation. (Or it´s just me who cannot make it work). I stopped trying when I found these strips; this is the style I am ultimately going for now. Still a lot to do and so little time :slight_smile: :