Agent: Earth (34.1%)

This was originally a project for the 2010 game contest, but after starting a month late and being so busy through February I wasnt able to complete it. I also had some major scripting issues, mostly down to my bad organization and rushing which cost many days of frustration.

Anyway, this game is based off a 1984 Commodor 64 game (Agent: USA) I used to play a lot when I was much younger. It was one of those games you could spend hours playing and never get bored of, yet never seem to reach the end. Every now and then youd get within a glimmer of finishing it, then game over :wink:

In the original you played the part of a secret agent who had to save the USA from a spreading infection. You travveled by train to each of the capital citys in the US and at times came across an infected train station, these became more frequent as the infection spread across the US. You fought the infection using special blue crystals, which turned infected back to normal people. In the end you had to jump into the boss infected (the fuzz bomb) to destory him.
As you can imagine the game can take quite some time to play, and is also educational, as the game forces you to type the names of places your going to travel to, and makes you remember them.

Gameplay video of the original here -

In my version (Agent: Earth), as you might guess your trying to save the whole world this time. This means catching trains all around the world, and planes or boats to cross oceans.

Progress so far:
Concept & Story: 75%
Characters: 20%
Levels: 15% ---- (Only Australia and the USA will be included initially, after they work the rest of the world will be made)
Sound/Music: 10%/45%
Gameplay: 35%
Programming: 50%

Total Progress: 34.1%

YouTube Video (WIP Vid 01)

Menu Screen
Menu Options
WIP Agent Character
World View
World View Australia

Im not sure how much time I’ll be able to spend on this now that Im back at uni. I have a few other projects that are more important, but I still want to make time for it at some stage, this is a game Ive been wanting to remake for many years.
Sometime later this year I will probably post some things Im looking for help with, mainly just how to script some things for the game.

Any crits and comments welcome!

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Found your thread! :smiley:

Great work, Al. :wink:

- AniCator

WHOA!!! This is awesome! The concept looks great, the character is nice and simple, the animations are nice too! The Gameplay looks like is going to be good. You’ve done a great job with a lot of your games! This one particulary catches my eye the most! Good Job!

I don’t have any crit so far, it’s looking good :smiley:

haha amazing i saw your game play video :stuck_out_tongue:
looks like you already won haha good luck on it :slight_smile:

It would be very nice if you could customize each train station to look a bit like each country (or continent, at least). The biggest problem I can see here is that you can’t travel by train from Australia to the US. Do you have an airport in the works?

A random colour script for the train could work I think.
That question actually never occurred to me.
Are you going to travel by train to the U.S.?
Of course this is a game and anything can be done. :stuck_out_tongue:

- AniCator

Yes sorry I should have mentioned, each train station will be unique. Im working on a system that works off external python scripts, which have values for which objects are loaded into a train station and their positions etc. Of course for each object there will be differrent versions (differnt colours and types). Each station will have its own script which specifies all this. So every time you go to a different station it will detect which city its at and load the appropriet script. I would also like to have the citys in the background (as you see in the original game) but I think 75% would be random plain old grey city backgrounds, the big capitals of the world (like New York) would have more accurate unique ones just to keep things interesting.
Also note that the city board seen in the video will be interactive, youll be able to walk up to it and press a key to bring up information/history unique to each city (making it even more educational)

Also for travelling overseas I already adressed that :wink:

In my version (Agent: Earth), as you might guess your trying to save the whole world this time. This means catching trains all around the world, and planes or boats to cross oceans.

Simple airports will be made for travveling overseas (they will only be available in major capitals, so say one airport for Aus and two for the US, other countrys will have 1 or 2 as well. And for traveling to important islands you will go by boat (like to Tasmaina in Aus)

That could work, although there will be several different types of trains to catch around the place. Theres about 3 differrent types in the original game I believe, I will probubly have 6, and random colours wouldnt be too hard to do.

I will also note that I will work on making each train station sound unique. Now considering there will be every capital in the world (say ~200 stations) you might think thats really tricky. The system Im wanting to do will work off several folders of sfx, a main folder with ~10 background ambient tracks (I already have 3 working in the demo but u cant hear it over the music) then 10 different folders or ‘sets’ of misc sfx which will be triggered by a random script. when the station loads the script for the unique city it will specify which folders to take the sfx and ambient tracks from. So in the script it might say to take ambient track 06 with misc sfx folder 01. That way each station should sound different.

Hope that makes it clear :wink:

Good to see everyones liking it so far :slight_smile:

Yippie! Managed to finally get the download to work.
(lets hope this version actually uploaded properly)

Heres the link:
(Its ~8mb)

You will need this version of 2.49 to hear the music in game:
Otherwise just play the game using version 2.49b

Any crits or comments/questions welcome.

Hi, I was using 2.49b, so the only console errors I got were related to the sound. The game wouldn’t work for me, I was able to view the menu, and the advanced controls, but when I went to play the game, the menu would fade out and it just stayed black.

Thats odd, it worked fine for me in 2.49b.

Has anyone actually managed to play this???

Yeah, I have, only problem I have is the sound doesn’t play for some reason and I’m using the same version of blender you are using…

Other than that, it’s pretty damn sick! Just needs Gameplay, with people… Or maybe I missed something… :smiley: I like it! It runs a bit slow on my computer for some reason, but my omputer isn’t good with GLSL

hahaha it looks like another fun game,and im really willing to achieve the lil diamond light effect when i start developing my character skills OFC thats way too far yet but i like to keep plans in mind ^^
anyways im here to comment ur game and the game for what i could see in multitexturing mode it looks kool!
Congratz :wink: