Agent Smith, WC WIP

Here’s what I have so far, although I’m still not sure which scene I’m planning on doing.

New to AO, so I need to fine tune the settings. No textures yet, still modelling

CnC appreciated


Very cool!
Really looks like him.

I see the resemblence, is it the regular smith or the berzerk one?
where’s his earpiece? :wink:

Very nice, looks just like him!

Very good so far - keep it up!

Me… me… me… Me too. :smiley:

He looks nice so far, but smith wore darker sunglasses.

heh heh… he looks great!

My only suggestion: purse his lips…

Agent smith always looks like he’s on the verge of blowing you a kiss.

you were right. its inevetable. he looks like him.

And the good news is you’ll have an easy Elrond model as well; when you get this done.

Don’t use AO it looks horrible

Finally threw a suit on him…have to work on textures yet, going to have to do some UV for the face. As for the Hair…I’m completely lost

nice uniform :smiley:

His shirt looks just like as in the movie, only it was more course and dusty.

That is really cool! The only thing: I see the corners on the shoulders. Turn up the SubSurf. Keep it up!


awesome… though i do think that the chest isnt wide enouh, other than that, its looking good, i cant wait to see some textures applied.

Nice, you did a good job with the facial modeling, the only thing holding this back is the plastic hair and the skin shader.

For the skin you should use BgDM’s skin shader that’s posted in the Finished Projects folder, its awesome and will give you an instantly better result.

And the hair, check this link out:

The fiber script looks awesome, tho iv never used it, but if you cant get it to work, the method below it where you use a grid and a texture that has an alpha channel is also good.

Anywayz, keep up the good work!!!


Blend on, and blend well!!!