Aging Paint Timelapse

Hey guys,

I’m working on an animation which involves some freshly painted wood undergoing a timelapse several years into the future, when the wood grain is grey and exposed, and the paint is faded and peeling off.

I’m wondering if anyone has some ideas on how this can be achieved. The obvious answer is to animate the diffuse color influence on a series of textures depicting the painted wood in various stages of degradation. The problem with this approach is that it just comes across as a cheap fade, not really a timelapse. I’m looking to take it to the next level. Suggestions?

Hey FA,

Thought this may be useful. It drives the suns location in the sky over time. The code for the sun’s location was adapted by Uncle_Entity.

The default time for each frame is 300secs. You can change this by going to the animation screen, select the lamp driver and change the scripted expression to


in this case the time per frame would be 3000 seconds.


sundriver.blend (77.1 KB)

You can use a ramp on the dirty texture, then by animating the color stops of the ramp you can have the dirty part spread out instead of fade in.

Thanks batFinger and RobCozzens,

Yeah the animated sun is a good addition, maybe I’ll make it get progressively faster until its almost strobing, to signify a great length of time passing. I’m going to play around with the ramp/color stops too. I wish I could find a timelapse reference more like my idea. A lot of the videos I’ve been watching are of fruit decomposing. The brown spots definitely spread out, but I’m wondering if paint would act the same way. Also considering having the paint fall away in flakes, but struggling with the logistics of that too.

Another thing … check out