agmlabs Ankylosaurus Spintable

This Ankylosaurus was Modeled, texture, rigged and animated in Blender 2.56.

Really cool! I like the way you showed the various steps, for the inexperienced ones like me it is very informational and gives lots of different threads to explore. Thanks for that!

And I’m really looking forward to the Ankylosaurus vs Tyrannosaurus Rex :wink: In fact I remember having a 3D book on dinosaurs as a kid and one of the most vivid images I have kept is that of an Ankylosaurus smashing a T-Rex’s leg!

really nicely done :slight_smile: thanks for putting the video together showing the different layers, do you always follow this kind of workflow? i look forward to seeing your future work :slight_smile:

Thanks for commenting. Well the statistics show that Ankylosaurus will win. Normally TREXs avoid confrontation with Ankylosaurus. If anyone can point out links to fights between these two guys ( youtube-vimeo) I would really appreciate it. Want to see a bit more how do they perform.

Actually TREX-V4 is only in my imagination, I will probably model it tomorrow Sunday. I want a new one with bigger head as shown in Animal Planet or Discovery channel.


Thanks bacon_chaney, I will try to do that from now on for models that have at least 3 or more layers of texture. Also it helps to show to people the originality of our models, that we design then from scratch.

Thanks for commenting.