agmlabs HULK to Human Texture

Hello every one, I bought on the internet a human model full of muscle already rigged with some great actions. I will use it in my school project, however I need to change the textures a bit and change a bit the clothing.

I do not think it is so hard, so I was thinking to pay $50 for the job. ( Considering I bought it for $ 20 ).

I did not post it in the Paid section since I do not know if it isn’t enough money.

if you are interested let me know…also… I need it no later than 16 days from today :frowning: Sorry but it is urgent !

looks awesome :smiley: nice work :wink:

Think you need to be a bit more specific about what you want changed. If you want someone to repaint new textures, $50 is no where near enough. If you want someone to put a scar on his chest, someone might even do it for free.

OK, the guy comes with textures and UVs already. It is a HULK guy, but I want it to look like regular human skin like a fighter. Now the pants as you have seen HULK are short, I want it with a regular sport pants…rest can be exactly the same: No shoes, no shirt, I will add a tattoo on his chest later.

OK to be more clear , I got it from here:

Here is a screen shot of how it looks now:

Please let me know your price, I am willing to pay a bit more.

Hello every one, I bought on the internet a human model full of muscle already rigged with some great actions. I will use it in my school project, however I need to change the textures a bit and change a bit the clothing.

I was thinking to pay $50 as I posted in the Volunteer section. However due to the feedback I am willing to pay more, so tell me the price considering I need it in two weeks.

The model comes full texture with UVs etc. It is a HULK guy however I want him looking like a regular human fighter. So basically you need to edit the diffuse image. Bump, Normal and Specular they can be the same.

Also change the short pants for longer sport pants or may be the same shorts but NO BLUE JEANS. Please send me a quote.

I bought this model from here: so you can see what I mean.

Here is a screen shot:

Sent you a Private Message.

Thanks M1C4HTRON13, I looked at the images sent. The first one is pretty much a good example, however the second one does not look that great. Do you have any sample image with similar results like the first one sent? I am not looking that level of perfection though…

Let me know

if you still need it I could do it.

Yes ArasTM, I still need it. Any similar sample work ? Take a look at this image I found, something like this: ( No Shoes and it can keep the short pants but with a sporty texture)

Couple of suggestions here:

Have you tried to contact agmlabs to do it for you?

Another suggestion depending on quality expected, you may play with the RGB of the diffuse texture to eliminate the Green. I am not an expert but it may work

Thanks Matthews, look I talked to them, they can’t take my project right now, I must wait one more week tentative. My school project deadline is in two and half weeks…so I need to do some animation and composite soon.

I do not know much about tweaking the RGB, if you can do it for me I will pay you if that works.

TO EVERYONE: I will be away from my PC tomorrow ( Sunday March, 9-2014 ). I still have no one yet. Please send me a message with at least one sample of your work. Notice that my first post was in the Volunteer work since I offered $ 50 , but I am willing to pay you more, just let me know your price and sample of your work…at least images.

Thanks in advance

You can send me the model. This is my email: [email protected]

I will try to do something and we see if it works for you.

Hello people ! Long no posting. Look I am very excited, my 3D work went to the final in school ! Now I am facing other challenge, I must submit other 3D animation for the final festival. SO… I need the same hulk guy with jeans, a jacket and shoes. His skin looks normal now thanks to yanny for doing the previous job. So this new job is to model these things with bump or normal maps too. I do not want too high poly. Please tell me how much would you charge for this. Please also link to your portfolio. I was thinking $ 150, but I am willing to pay more if you are reaaaaaly good at this… Hope to hear from you soon !

I PM’d you :slight_smile:

To avoid confusion, yes my email is above.

Yes no problem thats fine, textures 2048 X 2048, however if you can do a bump map of 4096 it would be better. Tell me your rate.

Hey Glad you did good ! Did you use the shaders I sent you last time?

Matthew3d Yes I did blend it with yanny textures that I sent you last time, pretty good. I got some problems with the cycles shader, I am using BI for now since CYCLES can not render SMOKE :frowning:

Hello, look as long as I know new blender releases do render smoke in cycles. I do not know how fast or slow it is but surely it does it.
BTW, if you are still interested in creating your textures let me know.


Hey Thanks Gernott, sorry for taking so long to answer you. Yes I am still interested ! However if you read it well it is not just textures ! I need the current modeling asset plus textures !
Someone email me, that the right price would be close to $ 700 ! Is that right ? No offense to any artist but I can not afford that, however I have decided to double the offer to $ 300, payable trough skrill, paypal or money transfer…no responsible for your fees. I have not gotten many candidates, so I wonder if everyone is busy ? The job is too difficult? ( I do not think so ) or payment is not good enough? Well I decided to take it to 300, if anyone interested let me know.


Hello Mackie, look for some reason I do not get the attachments for the maps. Something is not good with my email, can you send it using drop-box or any file sharing service ?

Thanks in advance.