Agoos77 Addon again, :P. Win and Loose

Hey, is there any easy way to make an easy Win and Loose system in the Mulktiplayer addon?

Like if i have 3´Scenes.

  1. The actual game
    2.Just a simple Text “Win”
    3.Another Text “Loose”

but how can i send the info about when you loose or not?

I tried use the logic bricks “Message” but the other cliets arent getting thoose Message when they are sent.

Is there like an easy way to send a message like that?


What does “Manage” Plugin do?
And whats the difference betwee “Position” and “Movement”?

Many Thanks in Advance! :smiley:

I believe Position is where you are on the grid, like (0,0,0) and movement is velocity of the object

if you are using the multiplayer add-on, I highly suggest knowing at least basic python. multiplayer is a very hard concept from the beginning, and the add-on is just a helping tool for you, not a foundation for a game