Agoos77 Multiplayer Connection

Hey, When using Agoos77 multiplayer Addon. What should i use to connect

on the same LAN i can use the regular “192.168.1.??”

But on distance its harder. I tried to use Hamachi and then use my IPV4 as a server. but stil they wont connect :frowning:

Any tips?

192.168.x.x is a typical router IP. You’re not actually connecting to that over the internet.
I think you have to portforward your IP or something like that. iunno, I’m not a networking person.

The server must bind to the address “” (that’s blank), and the port 1200. Then the router which front-ends the server must forward the ports 1200 and 1201.

The client must use the external IP address of the server machine, and request that port (1200)

Networking throught internet may be challencing.

Next is how I solved it to our net project.

Dont use NAT server at server side. Clients work behind NAT’s as well. Connections through two NAT servers don’t work without knowledge of portforwarding etc. Many routers has DMZ (demilitarize zone). Make one local IP to DMZ (example and use that for server computer (Set it manually dont use DHCP)

Find out your true outer adress, it may be different than shown network setup. (Try or similar site.

Try to ping that adress from outside. If aswer from host hear. Then you have even change to make thing work.

That setting is for the server side, while clients side they no need do anything in setups.