Agoose77's dynamic inventory system WIP - comments, feedback etc (1.05 MB)

hello Blenderartists.
i have mentioned before that i am making a dynamic weapon/object management system, and here is a very early release.
At the moment it does little in comparison to the end product, but read the documentation in the blend, and try it out!
Please leave any feedback you have!
note i will comment it out and clean up some code.
I have removed the blend demo file until i have time to clean it up.
In the mean time, here is the source code, with doc documentation and a documentation file.
So, you can quety functions by using function.doc


This is a zip file, please rename

there’s no “example demo”, right?
I’ve opened a “cubes” one, and nothing happens?
Anyway, its a 2.57 file, and I don’t use 2.5 series, maybe 2.6, who knows…Blender once was a nice little 3D software, fitting inside a floppy disk…

It is an example demo.
If you read the documentation…
Use the W key to move forward,
S key to move back

Use F and hover over an object to add to inventory
press space to show inventory
press q to drop the selected item.

Is no-one interested!?
Oh dear me.
Back to the drawing board!

You know people!..lazy and tired ones!
But, indeed, your inventory works ( even if a bit ugly)!
Thank you for sharing!

Ugly, because it’s just to demonstrate features

I’m checking it out, could come in handy for my game

I couldn’t make head or tails of it…Could you please add an explanation?? It would really help people like me

You see?!
When I said “ugly”, it was not really the “graphic side”!
It was the fact that the file its unusable by most people!

Hey he’s atleast trying to help us out :slight_smile: So quit being so harsh

I don’t know what these other guys were doing but nice work :smiley:

I can see a lot have work has gone into that, shame it seems to have been ignored :confused:

I think to gather interest you might consider making a small mini-game focusing around the system to show what can be done; this is the basis for most of my projects and it proves very useful in most cases.

Again, well done - the potential of this… :evilgrin:

(Also, Game engine support and discussion or game engine resources? :p)

Thank you everyone for your thoughts!
I seem to have omitted a footnote implying that this is an incredibly early, raw implementation.
It is designed to create a system, which can result in an easy method of creating objects + weapons for an inventory / FPS system, without hard-coding it, and thus makes it easy for beginners.
I will be updating it and improving documentation!
Oto, Whilst what you have said is valid, i feel it may have been presented in a better manner.
Asif, thank you, it appears that i will need to work on the usability. The example pretty much demonstrates the features, read the text file included.
Haker23, Thank you again! I’m glad that you both recognize the potential and work that I’ve put into this.
What i will do is be making it adaptable to FPS, or 3PS.
This will allow me easy integration into my FPS. Yes, i put into support, because it receives more views & it’s a question of reveiws?!
Many thanks, agoose77

Well, sorry!
What I’m trying to say, is, that if you don’t present your work in a “standard” manner, probably it’ll be ignored by most people!
Now, you do what you want!
Thank you, anyway!

Oto, that’s what i was asking for!
I wasn’t sure what you were telling me, so i asked for you to elaborate!
Thanks, agoose77

is this for 2.49 or 2.5x

2.5, but i can port it to 2.49 for you!
(even though i try to encourage users to use 2.5)

Ouch, this is too hard for me to understand.

I downloaded the file, then I changed the extension to .zip and extracted it. After that I get a folder full of .py and a text file that I don’t understand. I think it would have been great to ad a set/working .blend fil with a text pannel describing what the scripts do, how they work and how to used them. Well, maybe that’s what the .txt is doing but it is too complicated to me as I’m not used with python yet. =/

So… how do you use those? You copy paste the scripts in Blender and set the logic nodes to use them?

I’ll make you a video tutorial

Thanks agoose, this is very intresting, I didnt had the time to see it till now, very cool!

Can you put an example i cant get it to work please. Do i need to put a special property on the items?

I’ll remake this soon, so bare with me!