Agoose77's Multiplayer Addon Issues

hmm, that’s strange, I will keep working at it. Right now, though I am using 1.6.5 with blender 2.68 and it works great for what I need.
However I noticed that when a real object gets deleted, the simulated object on the other side doesn’t go away, until the real side completely disconnects from the server. I know it wasnt like this in previouse versions of the addon. Is it a bug?

Is it a bug?

i really have no clue…I have 2.69, and I try 1.6.8 zip file with it. It never shows up in user tab…it doesn’t even load it
didn’t say that right… somehow I have 1.6.3, and it “works”, but when I delete it and put in 1.6.5 OR 1.6.8, I hit, install from file, is just brings me back to the prefs without anything happening

Ignore my last post… I have a new error. It seems that I had to unzip the folder before Blender could recognize it. After that. I found out that you need to call the file “Multiplayer” for it to work…but that’s just for me on Windows 8.1

That’s just the error I got before I made the file name “Multiplayer”


You should be able to install it from the zip file, but it does look for a folder called multiplayer which could be the issue. I couldn’t encourage the python interpreter to find the blender addon path directly for some reason.

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So we need to rename the addon… zip. to ?
Also do you know what would be causing the objects to not delete on both sides?

Yep, you have to name it “Multiplayer” with a capital M. One reason might be you didn’t wait long enough…because it takes 10 sec for the server to delete and 10 sec for deletion of other client…But that"
's default…so shorten the delay speed up the updates rate

Hmm. Well I waited for well over 10 seconds, but still nothing. It takes about ten seconds if the player disconnects but thats it

hmmm…I requested a manual for the multiplayer add-on some time ago, but given no response…
agoose777, if you’re reading this, PLEASE make a manual!!!

Well, now I have another problem…when I add in my IP and it says it cant connect up to the IP address that I specified in the client. and on the server says

But this only works if my computer is running both clients AND the server…if I use another computer that has the server computer’s IP, then that’s what I get on the term…Oh, and I should also mention that my server computer is running 2.69 and the other client is running 2.68…both have the multiplayer add-on, although if it doesn’t it still gets the same result

This error suggests that you’re running two instances of the server at the same time. It may be a consequence of quitting the server and restarting it. For now, I would advise exiting and reopening Blender at the end of each game.

no, that’s what I get WHEN I close blender and then restart the server…otherwise, it would say something else, and still wouldn’t connect to the server…I’ve found that the MPA only works (for me) if both clients and server are on the same computer. if I use a client on another computer with same network, it will display that error for the server and the client will say cannot connect to IP, port.

Sorry if I have a lot of issues…I’m just trying to test the limits of this cool feature :stuck_out_tongue: