Agrippina the Younger

Hello all!
Here is my last work, Agrippina the Younger.
The model came from a 3D scan, the marble node is from me and created on Blender 2.71 cycles.
Because of its huge size I have to post here a low definition picture, the original is here.
My regret is that my signature has kinda disappeared while the post production…

2000x4000, 1000 samples. Post-prod on Blender.

the marble material is quite nice, the scan however at this resolution can serve only as a base for sculpting, as it is quite blurry (see the face). so, instead of considering this scan finished work, i would suggest to take it into sculpting, enable dynamic topology (or retopo and multires sculpt would even be better) and work over the whole sculpture, to sharpen the forms, bring out the forms and lines clearly, and if you wish the details… as is, it is sad…

Thanks for your advices, I note :slight_smile: