Agustin's Kitchen

Hi all!

This is an architecture project I’ve been working in.

There’s too much noise yet, but it’s in process.

Any advice/observation/comment/critique will be very much appreciated!



Hi Diego! good start! how are you iluminating this scene?

Thanks! In the day pictures I am illuminating it with Background intensity and a spot lieht simulating the sun. The reason I used a spot instead of a sun is to fake the direction in order to have lighted at the same tame the grapes and the floor. The other option I considered was to put two suns with a slightly different angle in order to obtain this “fake”, but finally used the spot…

Also I would like to add some volumetric light coming from the window…

Do you think in use some enviroment lighting with an HDRI? It’s much more real!

Keep posting your progress!

Saludos! :wink:

Sí, I’ll try that, yes!

I’ll be posting advances in some time as now I am with a big animation project… But I am glad to receive your comments.

Saludos Joni! And many thanks!