ah, big city life....

…I sure am glad I don’t live in one…here is a couple of pictures I took from my front door this morning. I thought you might enjoy them…
the deer were about 30-40 yards away at the time

the trees around your house are gorgeous. they almost look surreal!

Ah! You actually have snow! It hasn’t snowed over here for two years. The last times it snowed I almost drowned.

Free food, all you need now is a bow.

or a steam roller :smiley:


Deer used to always come right into my front yard. In fact, sometimes they were so used to people that we could walk right up to them and pet them (though it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do).

But I had to move to the city to go to college. Living in a cramped apartment complex just isn’t the same…

I have the same thing where I live too :smiley:
except I am in Belgium (and not in USA or Canada like you I concluded from the cars, road etc typical north american stuff :P) but I do have deers in my yard and when its snows it georgeous too

Thanks for sharing the images :smiley:

henrymop: Actually, alot of our snow is gone…It was almost 2’ (~60cm) deep just before christmas but we had some unseasonably warm weather the last couple of weeks and most of it melted.
this is what our poor bird feeder looked like in early Dec:

Slèpnyrl: You hit it on the head, upper mid usa, approx 150 miles from the canadian border :slight_smile:

Al_Capone & Alltaken: heh…you would be surprised by how many deer are harvested with the family car up here %|

Are there a lot of wolves up there ? Seem to be a great place for them, keep those deers from over population.

And people :stuck_out_tongue:

looks like an awsome place to be at christmas time

i grew up in illinois and we would get tons of snow, you could really tell the season just by looking outside.

but now on the east coast you cant really tell anything, we would be lucky if it snowed around christmas, its not very holiday like, which is sad.

enjoy it!!

Friday13 wrote:

Al_Capone wrote:
Seem to be a great place for them, keep those deers from over population.

And people

There has never been a single recording of wolves launching an unprovoked attack against an adult human.

Those pics look beautiful, in Wales wew never get proper snow. Although you probably won’t either in a few years courtesy of global warming

I wouldn’t know, and I was just joking anyway.

The photos really are beautiful. I wish I lived in a place where there’s more than one season :-? (summer…)