Ah Fudge, Newbie needs help!

Hey guys,
I’ve been using Blender for about a week now, and I’ve been learning everything pretty much by the seat of my pants. I’ve been building a ship for the Scifi-Mesh’s Pimp My Ship Contest and I’ve run into a few problems. I’ll explain.

  1. I kind of figured how to create vertex groups so I can differentiate between the engine and the wings or the fuselage. I’m set with that. So I get to the point of wanting to only color the fuselage a certain color but instead certain vertex groups get painted and everything goes hay-wire.
  2. I’ve heard of the dreaded black-and-white bespeckled modeling problem. When I render, opposing polygons go black and white and make the model look dumb.
  3. Well, I was trying to better light my temp model for a render, but when I went back to edit the model, the interface will not let me. I ‘B’ Select the model alone, making sure not to select any cameras or lights, but the interface will only allow me to enter Object Mode and not Edit mode. So I cannot alter the standing model at all, which really stinks. Any help here would be terrific.

1 and 2 both seem to indicate either duplicate objects or double mesh.

3, you selected an object and then shift-selected a lamp (or an object on another hidden layer), or box selected 2 objects of which the one you want in edit mode is NOT the active (light pink) one.


Well here’s the thing. I’ve totally deleted the lamps and cameras, only leaving the model in question.
I drag a small box precisely over the edge of the model assuring no other objects exist, and it turns pink. I move to the toolbar with “View, Select and Object” buttons, and I click on Object. Normally this would pull down a menu with UV Face Editor, Texture Info, etc and most importantly “Edit”. But I hit the pull down menu and the only option visible and available is “Object.” I simply cannot enter Edit Mode.


Use the far left icon on the header to go to the Outliner. Then hit Numpad-+ until the tree stops expanding. That’ll show you what Objects are in the scene. You can select any object and its context (object mode or edit mode) by left clicking on the nodes (the little pics).

If the Outliner is in the OOPs mode (little blocks joined by lines) go View >> Show Outliner.


You shouldn’t use b-select in general for selecting a single object. It actually acts additively so if you have an object selected without realising (maybe on another layer), b-select just adds the new selection on. The outliner should show you all the objects in the scene like Fligh % said.

To be absolutely sure you are selecting one object, press ‘a’ before selecting and use right-click.

There is a difference in Blender between selected and active. Only one object can be active at a time, and it’s the active oject that you edit when you enter edit mode. When you click on an object, it both selects and activates it, but when you use B, it’s only selection. So if you want to edit something, you need to activate it. Holding Alt while clicking should open a menu with the names of the objects underneath, which may help you.