Ah!!! My keyframes disappeared!

I was making an animation with an armature, and then i noticed that all my dots had disappeared on the action editor… What happened?

Thank you.

PS I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but I really can’t get them back…

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Nowhere near enough info.

Are you using linked character or one appended into the blendfile you are working on?
Does the character still move if you scrub the animation?

My character does still move when i scrub, and i made him in the same scene/layer/file, no appending or linking.

If you place your mouse over where the missing dots should be, and press the HOME key, does it fix the problem?


Aha! It does!

Boy, i feel like an idiot right now…

Thx alot.

Not an idiot. Blender full of hot keys. Last time I had it happen to me (when it wasn’t linking issues in which case you really do lose animation) it was because I was confusing the Action Editor with the NLA editor.

Thnak you !!!