Ahg! Help! Please!

haha, i knew that title would catch your eye. :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways, for some reason, my blender version doesn’t have ANY import or export scripts…

well, i have an import export script, and i now have no clue where to put it…

in the .blender folder?.. i don’t know…

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and you still dont know? come on dont be lazy go read the blender wiki

Can you run Help > System > System information… ?
Il will generate a text file that you will be able to read in the text editor (check out the menu button on the header). There is one line in it that says : “Default dir for scripts:” and the answer to your question should be the next line after that.


haha you guys are jerks =p
look for one called scripts :wink: i think? that would make sence…i cant remember


erased because of teh potential for evilnessesesesesities

Are other scripts available? If you’re on windows and run blender from a different user account than the one you installed it from you have to copy the folder named “blender foundation” or something like that from the application data folder of that account to the account you’re using (if that helps).
Or you can go to the user preferences in blender and set a directory for scripts, under ‘file paths’. You can set a few other useful things there too.

Blender Foundation/Blender/.blender/scripts

whew, thanks.
but, i have that Make Planet thing or whatever in there and i can’t find it…