AHH!!! Ctrl-X

WTF!!! I’ve just spent ages doing the teeth for my monster and I wanted to copy one tooth to do the horns with but as I couldn’t copy a tooth I decided to do it old-school and use CTRL+X (usually for cut as is cut n’ paste) with intention of pasting it outside the object…instead an ‘erase’ option comes up…so I thought “oh, ok maybe it’s blenders version of cut”…


It completely erased my model and started a new project (the cube thing) and now I can’t get back to were I was…

Please someone, do you know how I can get back to the state before I hit the ‘Erase’ combo?

Try File / Recover Last Session. Probably too late now though if you’ve used blender since you lost it. Blender does make auto saves. Look in the folder where your lost blend should be. There should be files called xxxx.blend1, xxxx.blend2 etc. These are the autosaves which you can open in blender. The number and frequency of saves can be set under User Preferences.


Jeez I lost it completely…you know I had this sweet idea going on where the lower jaw had evil fish-like teeth, very long and pointy :smiley: looked completely natural too how I placed the teeth…ah well…moving on :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks btw, I’ve got plenty of space so I’m gonna set my prefs for this kinda thing.

For future reference: to copy-paste an object, use Duplicate, Shift-D.

and there is no “cut”.