Ahh, everywhere bugs...

(Klein) #1

I use Blender about 1 year and with the time u c more and more blender bugs.
But this are my most hated bugs,
and i dont know how to resolve them:
1.Camera-Bug:I have made several cameras, all with viewdistance to maximum(5000).
The first cameras have that viewdistance but the others not (?).
2.Collisions-Bug: Heres an Exemple:I have made an racing game wich u can collide with some other dynamic objects. But now the car(player) when he drives towards the dynamik objects the collision occurs long before i collide with the object and the objects fly awayy with an incredable speed. (?)
3.LeftArrow-Bug: In the racing Game i have made an Turbo (x-button). Everytime i press the turbo,it works fine with right arrow. But when i press Left-Arrow the turbo stops, the same thing with the brake. When i hit the brake, up-arrow and right arrow it works but with Left it doesnt.(?)
4.Wheels-Mark: Well this, i think ,isnt a bug but a problem too. I want to make wheels mark on the ground everytime the car brakes, so i´ve made an add object actuator to add an black plane(wheels mark). When i brake the objects appear, but they are not much, so the wheels mark isnt a line but only many planes, and this is not very realistic…

I know this is many stuff, i´ve tried all that is in my possibilities but i dont know how to resolve this problems.

I would thank every1 who answers my question a lot!!!

(OTO) #2

Hello Klein
Relax, inspire deeply, shut off the computer…:slight_smile:
Your questions lack precision
Post a link to a blender file that we could check and maybe help you!