Ahh...nature...(Awesome pics included!!!)

I have this REALLY cool picture (3, actually) I took last winter of this naturally formed ice thing just outside my house. I think it was formed by water drops from the roof. But I am not completely sure. :confused:

What does the BA community make of this? If you guys have any pics that YOU took of NATURE, then please share on this thread. :smiley:


Those appear on sidewalks here from time to time as well (theyโ€™re actually not that rare if conditions are right).

It is possible they also form when meltwater drips off of trees as the snow is exposed to direct sunlight, most neighborhoods should have an abundance of trees over sidewalks where drips could end up forming similar patterns.

This was the first time Iโ€™ve ever seen one. So to me they are rare! :stuck_out_tongue: Click on the pic and just stare at it for a few seconds. That there is true beauty. Look how each one connects to another. It is one of the most epic things I have seen in my life. :smiley:

Iโ€™ve seen those on our property. Itโ€™s just the moisture has frozen. :slight_smile:

Yes, I have seen those quite a few times. Those pictures do show an especially nice example though. And yes, even with having seen this quite a bit I think that they are very pretty.