AHHAA.....where is Ton ??

(Manuel) #1

Excuse me, but I’m under stress…I want
a news about Blender future: good or bad,
but NEWS!!

The blender page now is totally closed…
Why Ton is mute??

I’m anxious…




(IngieBee) #2

:-? You are not alone


(SKPjason) #3

I hear Ton is fine and very happy since the money he made from NaN is enough that he will only have to work part-time at McDonalds…

Of course, it’s just a rumor… :wink:

(valarking) #4

:smiley: :wink: :smiley:


(Timothy) #5

Well guys,…

I talked to Ton today, and he hoped he would be able to give somesort of statement about what they are up to over at NaN sometime next week.

So hang on tight, these things take time


(Ahmaud_R_Te) #6

I second that sentiment Kib_Tph. If you all can just hold on tight news will be coming. I am not saying when its coming. All I am saying is that it’s coming. There is alot to do before an announcement can be made. Bankruptcy proceedings alone take a while to complete. Especially for a corporation.

(SkyWriter) #7

ah, the veil’s are thining!