Ahhhh.. It's another SSS Candle!

The great thing about women is the little touches they add all over the place that men would never think of. Right above the commode in my bathroom, we have these nice smelling candles. I’ve always stared at them and wondered how I’d capture the texture properly. Then came the almighty SSS in 2.44. Here is my first stab at it.

I like how the sides cracked texture came out. Any input?


Hey you didn’t light that thing did you??? You can get in trouble for that. It might be for smelling only. And never ever ever dry your hands on those pretty towels hanging next to the sink either. Women will put a nice little touch on your head of you do (I have the knots to prove it). :slight_smile:

Looks good. I do see some faceting (or whatever you call it) on the far side past the wick. Looks really real with those cracks. You say those were done with a texture?

Can you post a wireframe and material settings please?

This week it’s candles, next week it will be frosty glasses of milk. :eyebrowlift:

My SSS experimentation so far has been a pinkish cube. That jade preset looks like just the thing to make a killer Chinese dragon statue. Perhaps with ruby eyes.

Anyone up for the challenge?

I tried an experiment. My texture wasn’t giving me the cracked texture, it was the noise slider in the SSS panel. I jacked it up to get the effect. I thought the high noise was bringing out the texture, but it was just the noise itself, and not the texture.


Cool… you can explain it at the meeting on Saturday!

I’d love to. See you then.