Ahhhh stop hovering

hey i was wondering if anyone knows how to stop objects from appearing as if they are hovering

is this about the game engine? it is in blender general. if its not, than the answer is just place your object on the ground. In the game engine, adjust the bound size or set bound object to polyheader.

no its just in a normal 3d image the object is positioned on the ground surface but when i render it apears to be off the surface is it something to do with lighting or something

its mostly just how you light the scene (as long as the object is actually on the ground of course :wink: ).
good shadows are probably the most important part to getting rid of the “floating object” look.

Cheat a bit and place a negative light where the object meets the floor, making a nice dark shadow.

if you use spots with buffer-shadows, decrease the BIAS of the spot lamps. this will make the sahdows much “tighter”, i.e. they will start where your object touches the ground.