ahhm my first model

lol ahh dont start laughing out now…but anyways heres ma official model. (well technically not mine) but i followed the blenderunderground vid tutorials ( which are absouletely aweasome btw) and made this. Still unsure of many many things but anyway here we are. And it seems to be gettn harder as it progresses.

and voila…


yea yeah… keep laughnn:):):smiley:

wrong forum section, post in like finished projects next time

ahh rite sorry, i just figured this to be an “off topic” :slight_smile:

not really it involves blender/3D rendering, read the forum section…topic…thingy. You’ll also get more replies, and more people who will take you seriously if you put it in a more accurate place.

However idk, it may belong here… I’m tired lemme alone…stop STARRING AT ME!.. shifty eyes…am goink back to “work” now :smiley:

Cor this is the best model ever! I think we should use it for our header! Good Job Man!