AI acting like Slenderman (from the game Slender)

Hey there, the title speaks mostly.
So my question is, how can i make an AI that acts and behaves like Slender from the game ‘‘Slender’’?, is there any phyton tutorial that i could use?

And if you’re interested, i need this because i’m making a Slender/Minecraft based game called ‘‘Him’’. It’s kinda like Slender but in a Minecraft style. And instead of Slendy, Herobrine (A creepy guy from some Minecraft myths) chases you.

Any help is appreciated,

Slender AI is pretty simple.

All he does is follow behind you. The more notes you get, the closer he is behind you. Notice that you barely even see the Slenderman and when you do he’s just standing there, and sometimes walking.

Slender doesn’t work off AI, it works off the environment and sound (loud noises). The game has a pretty cheap way of scaring you (since it’s so simple to pull off).

Good luck!

Hey there! I already started creating a game called “bSlender”. If you’d like to know anything about the AI (though it’s really simple), just tell me. Perhaps we could even collaborate.
Have a nice day.

Link: So, basically i would need a script that teleports Herobrine whenever you don’t see him, but not infront of the player, at a certain maximum distance that could be controlled by a property. A little help on this would be great :slight_smile:
Marv: It would be a huge help if you could explain the AI to me, or give me a demo file. And i think it is way more fun to develop a game by yourself, than doing it with other people. It gives me a chance to do the things the way i want them done, :).

you can make it with a simple states/seek controllers if i understood right what linkxgl said