AI art is very hollow

When it comes to discussing AI art, usually the first topic that comes to mind is: Should AI art be legal? But today I want to talk about another less talked about aspect of AI art than the aforementioned subject, and that is the lack of substance in these so called art pieces. The best way I find to describe it is that they’re just so hollow, they do not impress me at all and you might relate to that. Sure, I’m impressed by the technology, but definitely not by the so called AI “art”. I believe that human art is far far (not a typo) more superior to machine art, but can you guess why that is? Because human art is unique, there is substance to it and it reflects the way of the artist who created it. I hope you feel inspired by this, especially if you’re contemplating giving up on learning art because of this new technology. I highly encourage you to continue your art journey if that’s what your passion is :art:

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