AI can't go through door frame? (Nav Mesh > Seek)

I haven’t used Nav Meshes before, so I’m still new.
Did I do something wrong? Because the Cube won’t go through the damn door frame, he (it?) keeps running head-first into the wall. Gonna have to give it a hockey helmet so it won’t hurt it self.

Pathetic cube

The doorframe looks wide enough, too.
I don’t see why it won’t go through.

EDIT: Ignore the damn attachment, (below) FireFox won’t let me edit attachments, keeps getting this “GIF not found” error message.
Happens to many sites, usually fixable by hitting Back. There is no back on the popup though.


Ok, the wall needs to be part of the nav mesh, I’ll upload a example

Side note lazt nav mesh I was working on did not avoid obsticals for some reason.

here is a working nav_mesh, however it does not avoid obstacles like it used to…


NavMesh.blend (470 KB)

That’s weird… and very frustrating.
I looked at the file, I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary.

Yesterday I have an outdoor scene and I made a maze. The cube was able to Navigate just fine.
Now with this room, the cube can’t do it.

How did you make the red line?

OH COME ON, it can’t go around something as simple as this?!

I even tried making it in a new file, nothing works. >:[

EDIT: I WAS SUPPOSED TO USE PATH FOLLOWING, NOT SEEK. I even wrote it in the title… facepalm

Thanks blueprintrandom,
I still want to know how to make the red line.

I think you need to use path follow mode

[edit] … you already got it :eyebrowlift:

In order to show the red line you have to check “Visualize” on the steering actuator.

Ah… it was right there the whole time :o
Thank you!