Ai Car Race Blender Game Engine

Hello I’m trying to create an artificial intelligence of cars, plus the problem is that the front wheels don’t spinCar-AI-test.blend (93.4 KB)

Hi socoto2030,

I just opened it in 2.79 and when pressing P the whole car practically exploded. Your collision shape was set to sphere on each of the objects, so this is the first point which I could observe. Even after changing that to convex hull, it still did not improve.

Before I investigate further: Do you have a newer *.blend or solved the problem in the meantime by yourself?

Hello I use version 2.72 my computer does not run 2.79
I can not solve this yet

Car-AI-test (1).blend (103.1 KB) - Project seems to be cartoony-simple. Message to wheel and proper animation could solve the problem. I`ve just change physics of wheels and parented them to the car. If u wanna do something more complex maybe try some tutorials or template files to have something to start with. There is plenty of these on youtube. for exmpl: