AI Human Appendage Collision

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I’ve been working on a 1-on-1 fighting game for a little over a month now and collisions have recently slowed me down a bit. There was a lot of good info in Monster’s Character Setup Guide but I had to change a few things to get collisions on the fighter himself (torso, arms, legs, etc.) by parenting a bunch of collision boxes to their respective bones. This works fine for the player fighter but doesn’t seem to work when set up for my AI fighter.

I copied my fighter character (mesh/rig/collision boxes, but removed his logic) and used this new guy as my AI fighter (dummy). Even tho the AI fighter collision boxes were set to ‘rigid’, my fighter couldn’t hit him. He’d just strike thru him. If I parent the AI fighter to a bounding collision box (set to ‘rigid’) and remove the individual bone collision boxes, I can hit him no problem. However, I want the collisions to be on the appendages themselves. There’s some disconnect there that I can’t figure out. If anyone can shed some insight on this and help me understand what’s going on, it would be very appreciated.

leave them as rigid body, do not parent !

set everything else but the actual colliding objects to sensor or no collision,

“Pin” the rigid to a bone using 6dof targeting a empty that is “driving the bone”

Here is the .blend

the “hand” “elbow” and “shoulder” have hit boxes @ the moment


Wompa.blend (511 KB)

Thank you sir! You introduced me to Rigid Body Joints. It’s very much appreciated. I’ve been reading (and watching videos) about them all day. I feel incorporating them into my character’s rig would be wise. That being said, I can’t recreate what you did with my character. I don’t fully understand drivers yet so I’m not sure how to get a “driving” empty for a collision box. Creating an empty and parenting/constraining one to a bone doesn’t seem to work. I’ve been at this for a few hours and I’m getting frustrated with myself. I’m doing something wrong. How does your Wompa blend work without empties?

Ok so, the
Shoulder - Dynamic Cube-6dof to a static cube

Elbow - Rigid Body-not parented - 6dof joint to Shoulder

Hand- Rigid body-not parented - 6dof joint to Shoulder

and a armature, the targets for the armature are the elbow and hand,
and the “arm” section that bends, is one mesh, parented to the armature
in the armature I have “always ----and-----Run armature”

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ProgressionOfaRiggaMan.blend (617 KB)