AI in rigging?

I was wondering if artificial intelligence had taken any steps in rigging? ie. you make a human, and click “Auto-rig” or whatever, and it rigs it automatically? If not by itself, then if you click the hands, and then click a button saying “these are the hands” - what then, can it do it then? Or, going further, if you had an octopus (I keep thinking of Hank the Octopus from Nemo! :slight_smile: ), the software can actually analyse the mesh, and find each of the legs of the octopus for itself, and put the armatures there, and in the rest of the right places. Has any work been done in this area?


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Yes and no. I don’t believe there is one available, but the bones of it are here:

(no pun intended)

Computer folks are constantly looking for new ways to eliminate human drudgery. And I say: "Bring it on! That’s what digital computers are for!" :smiley:

I’m never worried about robots replacing humans. Human creativity and imagination always expands to fit the available space – that’s why “the envelope™” just keeps getting bigger as it keeps getting “pushed.”

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And I say exactly that, too! :slight_smile: A hundred upvotes for this post!