Ai takes no damage problem


I’m not sure what could be causing this problem, but here is the brick setup. I also notice there is no fire effect from a weapon once i restart the game.

I originally did have a health bar for the enemy, but that never worked properly.


we can’t do anything with that screenshot.

cube.001 = what object? bullet, player, enemy?

    collision -> and -> message
                    \-> endObject
#on reciever:
    message -> and - > property (-hp)
            \-> expression (hp < = 0) -> endObject

downside every objects waiting for the message wil subtract hp.
Bricks are not a really good way to set this up (it’s possible)

I recommend to use python for this, then you have a lot more control over anything the player, gun, bullet or anything… does.

I only know how to use the bricks to do the programming, there is the enemy brick setup. Not sure why it doesn’t remove the AI once damaged enough.

remove the interval brick, replace it with always -> expression ( robothealth <= 0) - > endObject

so when hp gets to 0 or below end the object

import bge
cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.owner

if 'Damage' not in own:
    own['Damage']= 5

ray = cont.sensors['Ray']
if ray.positive:
   if 'Health' in ray.hitObject:
        ray.hitObject['Health'] -= own['Damage']

for doing damage th the person a ray hits

Cotaks is right but you can also use a brick for this.

if property health lower than 1---------------and---------------Spawn_Ragdoll - and / or - end own

Everything I have done in the game engine in the past, was using the bricks, there was some code done in the first file which was done by LS. I made a variation of it last year, not sure why I didn’t press ahead with it, I lost interest in it, just too many effects not there or could work. This upbge may have an effect I could use for a bullet

That was the reason why I used this game engine, I can’t do programming.

I was thinking since I had this open, for a scene focus on a character, then load into a scene as FP, sort of like a cut scene, would it be best to have it seperate? In a different layer I can’t see how else using the bricks, because if the AI goes after the player, it will mean more than program running simualtaneously .

Not sure what is the problem, I did try -0 and 0.

( robothealth <= 0) - > I tried that as you stated to change the And to expression only loads the detection box of the model.

Yup, thats the way I’ve always done it. But I use a small damage script similar to BPR’s along with the expression.
If only one bullet will kill, then you don’t even need an Always, a property will also do.
Property hp (I use hp) equals 1 -----------expression: hp<=0-----------------endobject (actualy I cue the death animation here, but you get the idea)

If youre using a bullet via addobject with collision,( instead of a ray) the game may not detect the collision.
So use a ray, instead. :slight_smile:

Do you shoot real bullets? if so hook up my bullet script to it, remove anything else, just the script with always(true).

#       Bullet script by Cotaks       #
# bullet drop, speed, damage and hole #

# put this on the bullet, always(true)
# put a property health on any object.
# Done!

from bge import logic

def bullet_action(cont):

    own = cont.owner

    speed = 340
    damage = 2
    bullet_drop = 0.0015 # higher means faster drop
    hole = 'plasma_hole' #name of the bullethole plane

    distance = speed/logic.getLogicTicRate()

    own.applyMovement([0,distance,-bullet_drop], 1)

    y_vec = own.worldOrientation.copy().col[1] 
    y_vec.magnitude = distance

    end_vec = own.worldPosition.copy() + y_vec
    ray = own.rayCast(end_vec, own.worldPosition.copy(), 0)

    if ray[0]:
        if 'health' in ray[0]:
            ray[0]['health'] -= damage
            if ray[0]['health'] <= 0:
def bullet_hole(cont,ray,bullet_hole):
    own = cont.owner
    #300 is the duration timer (second * 60 so 5 seconds) 
    bullet_hole = own.scene.addObject(bullet_hole, ray[0], 300)
    offset = ray[2]
    offset.magnitude = 0.001
    bullet_hole.alignAxisToVect(ray[2], 2, 1)
    bullet_hole.worldPosition = ray[1] + offset

I used the firing bullet tutorials on youtube to create them. So an empty, and a bullet in a second layer. If I remember correctly this worked when I first made this file last year.:roll_eyes:

So instead of property use a ray brick?

ok, put the script on the bullet always-python-module-scriptname.bullet_action
add a plane in hidden layer (for bullet hole) put the name in script.

now if the bullet hits anything it leaves a bullethole, subtracts hp if it got any and kills the object when hp is <=0. and the bullet will drop over time aswell.

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Nice. :slight_smile:

The original video I had used to create player and AI health, is long gone now. So wonder I couldn’t find it.

Too much time has gone past, so I don’t recall how the bricks work. I’m puzzled as to why it doesn’t work, I recall removing the AI health bar because it wouldn’t work, but even so, the AI should of been removed with what is there in the program.

Is that the “lost in space” blend where I fixed the “Blawg” so it would move around the scene? If it is, I might still have it on a HDD somewhere. Not sure, but, I almost never delete blend files. If it is, and you still want it, I’ll look for it.

No promises that I still have it though.

No that file is gone, I only have the files I had worked on, that file you have there is too old.

The robot file was separate from the demo that was after the demo file. I’m not referring to missing files, I am just stating that the tutorial I had used which would give some clarity to the health program for the AI are gone, by Arsenal user on youtube.

Since I phased out XP for blender user only just hours ago, so anything I want to do with the blender game engine or that Upbge adaptation I will have to use windows 10.

Oh, OK.

Should be no problem at all. I still use blend files from my 2006 mac running Tiger, blender 2.49, win XP blends 2.50 and up, etc on my win 8 , and win 7 PCs. No problem.
well, almost no problems, 2.49 animations get lost. :slight_smile: