AI Without Any Python

This is AI made without ANY scripting! its not really a game but you can hit ‘B’ to add a blue bot and ‘R’ to add a red bot and they will shoot each other if they are under the right conditions. You can add almost as many bots as you want (it stops adding after around 100 for me). Tell me what you think:eyebrowlift2:


AI.blend (887 KB)

nice :smiley:
is there a way to use this to a game?
but they seam to have a hard time to shot somtimes, mabey they dont like guns? :wink:

yah idk it has some bugs.
i used it in a first person shooter where you had to shoot them

Nice, I would like to see your FPS with that technic.

hmm… the blue are far more agressive than red guys… Idk why… I didn’t understand a thing of your logicbox :confused:.

HOLY CRAP! i read the post about the logic, and i thought ‘how bad could it be?’. not understanding is an understatement. not being critical, just saying that it scared the crap outta me, that’s all.

Dude that was nice, and also python can clean it up better. At this point of time is good man, it seam like real AI that a professional made or that mine point of veiw. Its very good expect for the wall bug but then again even new game that comes out for pc or systems like xbox that AI into the wall bug is still there.

Its a nice little blend you made there

So, the blue are waaay more aggressive than the red, and if you add 50 to each side, they tend to just crowd. So, maybe you could add a few more logic blocks for close combat? Then your on your way to an RTS. There was this other guy who did something with AI where little blocks would go around and build bigger blocks…lemme see if I can find it.

here it is.

So i guess its better than i thought according to the comments. Pretty good for a 14 year old dont you think?

I wrote something like this a few years back. If I can find the file I’ll post it, mine actually had multiple personalities (using only logic bricks) And it also could generate random personalities =) I was 13 when I wrote it =X

Good you’re starting young! My first venture into blender I was 11… so…

Hey good job, I once made one that could jump over gaps, had different personalities and like the one from the cube game… It’s really nice! Although, unlike killer I didn’t make it generate different personalities, I used states, but with properties so like… If state == 1 then patrol, state == 2 Track to and so one… It also had that node path finding thing all with logic bricks because I was super horrible with python… And now, I’m just bad lol, I it like last year when I first started blender… It was pretty glitchy XD I’m 13 and I started blender at 12 :wink:

Great job with it,

I remember 13… aaaahhh… 3 years ago now =)

Not bad. I have two questions for ya:

  1. What do Nodes do? (I honestly do not know)
  2. How do you use them?

There’s no real “nodes”, their just empties.

For a game do not use “node” based AI, use pathfinding. Node based is too slow, and not good at all.

Ok. So, do you know where I can learn everything about Pathfinders or who can teach me? I am having some issues with a project (a video game I am working on.) Its going to be a little bit complex, all depending on what I learn while the game is in development (and I am not going to use any Pythons). If anyone can help, please reply to my forum.

You’re not using python… yet you wanna do A* pathfinding… LMFAO! You just found blender a few days ago right? Now you’re making a huge RPG game (possibly MMORPG) and need AI, but you don’t want to take out the afternoon it takes to figure out python…

Sorry bud, if you want to make a game with any sort of quality… go learn python.

Don’t be so up-nosed towards the new comers, ‘killer’.

Traumatizn, take your time and proceed with small steps :slight_smile:

Sorry, I was in a bad mood, hehe.

The truth is I get annoyed with all the “newcomers” that come with no sort of knowledge of any kind of programming and expect to make a huge game…

Well, ther’ye called noobs for a reason Killer.

Anyway, do you know where I can go to learn more about python? Casue I’d like to learn for some personal projects, and you seem to know so much about it. :slight_smile:

Go read the documentation, it’s a great source of knowledge. Just try and plan out a small project (I learned python first, then learned BlenderPython (different APIs)) My first project was writing a small phone book terminal app, it was a great way to start. I just looked up how to do various things in python, and slowly learned after many hours how to properly connect everything.

Python is a very easy language to learn and understand, go search for premade python scripts and dissect them, find out what makes them tick.

Have fun in your journey into python :wink: