(snailrose) #1

Hey all
Could someone tell me what i’m doing wrong with the
AI in this :-?

Any help would be cool

(gargola) #2

well…you got to explain what is wrong.cause i don’t see anything wrong with the AI.what do you want the character(that is a demon,right?)to do?explain a little :smiley:

(snailrose) #3

Yeah this is just a demo trying to get the characters to interact together so i can build a real game with different characters…
What I was trying to do is get the demon to atack the character, but first of all, when the character kicks with Z, the character flys back not the demon. I was trying to get the demon to react to the kick, and fight back…
I haven’t made it that far yet with the AI, so i was trying to gather some insight on how to achieve somthing like that
Sorry for not being to clear
Thanks for the help

(gargola) #4

well…if you want the demon to attack the character when the character is near…use a near sensor,then a good idea to for the collision is to parent a cube(making it invisible)to the hand of the demon.when the cube collides with the character,send a message to take the health down.that’s a good way to do it.if anybody got a better idea… :wink: you can make the same with the main character to detect the kick collision.hope it helps a little :smiley:

(jrt) #5

Hi snailrose, I’m no expert but I think the problem with your character bouncing back is due to lack of mass. I think both characters need more mass, but the main one needs more than the demon, that way he should stand his ground when the collision occours.

Hope this helps, jrt.