AI ?

Will the next release of blender come with it’s own AI that can be apply to the game engine ?

I think Blender will never have an build in AI. A Racing Game need a different AI as a Shooter or a Hack’nSlayer. Each Game is different, as the needed AI.

%| Only AI you could be thinking of is probably wavpoint. Something like they have in Torque I think… You can predefine movement positions of objects.

But AI in Blender is possible, simple to extremely complex. Lol, just need sensors to react to your environment. Most notable sensors are near and ray. Those 2 with python can make some pretty good AI.

Jason Lin

But that’s just it, it’s python. The point of blender Logic and GE was to make making games easier.

I’m not asking for advance ones, but ones that can be found in simple games, like Quake or Doom.

I think you are missing a philosophical point. Blender has never had wizards or things done for you otherwise everyones fps game would handle exactly the same way just a different storyline and textures.
How Boring. Unfortunately we use mathematics to describe the real world
and so it happens computers use it too.Learning python has made all my games heaps better as well giving me a clearer idea on what am I trying to achieve.

I love the power of blender because anything(nearly) is possible and nothing is predone for you.

What am trying to say is that blender extends you into new areas eg
programming AI from scratch means you have to know AI theory.
Doing your own textures means you learn how to use photoshop or the gimp.
Making your own sound FX means you have to learn digital audio and soundscape design.
Can you see where I am coming from?

The trick is to set up templates for yourself ie one for fps games, one for driving gamesone for a walkthrough etc and work from there.

I like to learn
Dr S

I see. but the GE is limited when it comes to vertex numbers, ain’t it ? Why not go to OGRE or Crystalspace, which is more flexable and have much better rendering and higher vertex count ?

%| Umm, what’s vertex numbers got to do with AI?

Jason Lin


That was… random…

I agree with Dr S 100%. Making a template for whatever type of game and then whenever i would like to make a game seemilar i would start from the previous finished game made from the template or from the template itself.

Making a game in blender is making it starting from the roots. And that can be a downpoint for newbies but is a good thing for more advanced gamemakers, i think.