So i thought it would be good to learn AI programming a this level. but has no idea how to start. so anyone know of good ai tutorials that can be implemented via python scripts.

Most of the ai scripts demand more processing power, than the rest.
so how to optimise it/ code so as to avoid ambiguous progams.
i hope many people are also looking forward to learn how to implement AI systems too. and what are the different AI techniques used in game terminology?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Best is to google for that subject.

AI is not a specific thing. It is a term like Music or Sports or Game.
You really need to define what you mean with it (what you want from it).

Here is my explaination:
AI is a decider. AI decides what to do next.

How it descides does not matter. It matter that it decides.

Oh, and you need something that executes the decision. But that is not AI anymore.

I hope it helps a bit ;).

A gquick googling did helped. but i get a feeling that i may need to upgrade my math and study them one by one to master it. what i want to achieve is me to be able to reach a level where i am confident of being able to implement ai systems for as per the requirements of the game itself and not limited to a section alone. I think it might take some time actually.

Thanks for your suggestions Monster. i’ll consider that.
Mean time if anyone is experimenting with such systems,feel free to use this thread to post your ideas.What is more beautiful than your game characters come alive with AI./:smiley:

if you think about characters … look for FSM = Finite State Machine this helps a lot.

AI does not to be complex. It can be very very very simple.

The most people think about pathfinding when talking about AI. Pathinding is a complex but it is a part of the whole topic only. You should also know that AI has nothing to do with intelligence even if it is part of the name.

Depends what you want it to end up doing. If you want to do pathfinding, then yes, your math should probably be good (hunt up A*)
IT depends mainly on the game:
AI for racing is so different to RTS, or FPS.
For me, the hardest thing is deciding what I want the AI to do, from then on it’s just typing.
Mind you, I tend to use finite state machines (FSM) whereby each object has 4 or more states, like seeking, shooting, lost target etc.
These are quick enough to code.

Start simple.
As in Blender, an ‘object’ will do things when 1 or many things interact to it.
You may do research on how AI Chess or AI Go games works. Its too complicated for me.
There are so many ‘sensors’ in Blender that can make your AI ‘interesting’.
What is interesting? For me, beautifully designed, act the right way when it should, idle when it should ~ don’t have to be too brilliant which takes time to decide/react! (I miss her)


Ok guys, i’ll start from states and later move ahead to pathfinding…
i think i have find some c++ code claiming simple enemy ai examples. i’ll check them out.
I think if i check source code of some opensource puzzle games of linux,it would be good place to learn.
Thanks all. First off More States based Simple systems!!!