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Hey guys!

Here is one of my last projects for a client here in Brazil.

In my channel, you can follow the videos with the timelapses and comments (in Brazilian Portuguese) about the creation of this avatar:

First Video: Concept Art

Second Video: Model Sheet

Third Video: Sculpting in Zbrush

Forth Video: Retopology with Retopoflow

Fifth Video: Clothes and UV

Sixth Video: Shaders and Render

The project consisted of creating a new avatar for their smart service system.

My job was to create a new concept for the character, besides sculpting, modeling, texturizing, lighting and rendering. Producing 2 final images to be used by the company.

In summary, the first step was to create the concept and the model sheet on Photoshop that would be followed based on the briefing, the end result was this:

Then I made the sculpture in Zbrush:

All the rest of the process from retopology (Blender 2.79 with Retopoflow) to rendering (Blender 2.8) was done in Blender with Cycles.

  • Head Retopology:

  • Clothes Model:

  • Hair with Particle System:

  • Character Shading:

  • Viewport Render

I hope you like the result! See you around or on my social networks:

Email: [email protected]


Wow ! Beautifull work :slight_smile:

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Thanks :grin:
I’ll post more work soon.

Great work man, love the hair style! Parabéns :wink:


Obrigado! And welcome to the community. I hope to see your work here soon.

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