Aim script? need help

Hi everyone, I have problem. I need script that always fire in the middle of the screen. What I want to say is, when you have gun and parented empty you press left mouse button and it fire bullet in the middle of the screen. This is for my FPS. Thanks and sorry for bad english :wink:

I know what you mean. There are two methods of doing this. Either having the gun track to a hitobect by a ray from the center of the screen, or using a ray ino the middle of the screen and use that. I’ll try and make a demo for you.

Thanks, it would be very good.
Check the gun tracking demo.

My blender version is 2.49b not 2.55. I can’t open that blend file.

ok, ill port it. it should be backwards compatible anyway :confused:

It should still work

It’s not working, I can’t even open that blend file.

when you open it it should say “this is a 2.50 file…” left click and it’ll open

When I push that text, I get cube,camera and light source like when you begin blender.

hmm you must be missing the option.
i’ll copy it to 2.49b

i can open it in 2,49b
go to the open menu. click the file. hover the mouse over it, and steady it. then left click and wait for the pop up. click mouse (dont move it)

I done like you say, but now other problem apears. when I press P game just stuck. ;(

i’ll upload 2.49b XD

gun track 2.49b.blend (170 KB)
There !

Thanks, it works perfectly. :slight_smile:

no worries!