Aiming for photorealism. plz help!

My recent work… I want to make this picture to look the better possible! PLZ HELP :slight_smile:

Gonna change the table texture (currently is too small) and the scene is a bit too dark. Is there anything else you guys think I should change?
Thanks in advance.


Looks very promising. Maybe the fruit (?) in the background would need a better texture. You also could add some water drops because of the toppled glass.

The water drops might be a bit hard, but i’ll try!
thanks for comment :slight_smile:

I know, but I think they would definitely look cool.

Yeah the drops would be a nice addition. I think first thing that needs to be done is some lighting. :wink: It’s like glaucoma theater at the moment.

Work on the lighting, and the glass with water in it needs some thickness. It currently looks like it is paper thin. You can do waterdrops with metaballs.


follow my tutorial (real fx studios glassworks caustic sampler tutorial) and add caustics using yafray, increase ao samples, add better three point lighting, and use a pp software to increase sharpness (that always make glass look better). The spoon also could use some work currently it looks like a baby spoon - you want more detail to it!

real fx studios admin

Yafray would work pretty good with glass like what you have right now, but if not then you can use spotlights to simulate caustics.