ok so in my fps game i need to make my armatures that control my arms move along with the mouse look script. but it doesnt work if i just give the armature the mousew look script. and i cant parent the armature to my camera cuz that would make a loop in parents, and i need the character parented to the armature in order for the animation to work in the game engine. heres the blend:;11679471;/fileinfo.html

a “good” setup could be like this ( as in the FPS template):
an “invisible” cube ( with “collision” enabled) that envelopes the character will be the “player” ( and carry the scripts/controls), then parent the armature to it, and the character to the armature ( with “collision” disabled).

ok thanks, but now im having a dif problem, my arms r disappearing! see for urself:;11682118;/fileinfo.html

It seems to work?!

yeh but wen u go into the camera view my arms disappear, ive tryed repositioning them but nothing seems to work.