Aiptek HyperPen 12000USB Tablet [now whit quick review]

So, I was wondering if anyone would have any experience about this particular graphics tablet. I got interested about it, when I saw A4 sized tablet prized in 76 euros in a web store.

I own Wacom Volito tablet (A6), so I was wondering would Aiptek be better than my Wacom cheap model? Or would it be step back?

Could anyone share FIRST HAND experience, not some stuff written in a prochure. Thanks.

I have that tablet. It seems to be a solid product. I can’t compare it to others since I have no experience about others so… but anyway it works for my needs. And for price, it is hard to beat. Pen feels bit cheap but thats about it. :slight_smile:

Well, I ordered it today after everything I read about from the net. As far I see it it’s definetly improvement from my Volito. We will see, I presume. We will see.

Besides, IMO, it was pretty cheap considering how big the tablet is. You just can’t get Wacom tablet whit prize like that. Maybe I’ll buy same sized Wacom after I get filthy filthy rich by some means. :smiley:

I’ve had the same one for about a year now. It works fine. I agree the pen is a little chinsy. Also, I have had a couple of issues getting it to work properly will the x window system. I used it more recently on fedora core 4, and it was solid off the line, so I guess what-ever conflicts were resolved somewhere along the line.

It preforms great in PS, but when i try to do some of the same painting-like techniques in the GIMP, it didn’t stand up to using my mouse as a comparison. ie- in PS when i use the blend tool, i get a fluid blend. but while in GIMP i get jumping snapshot-looking-effects of the blend. Don’t know if this is just one of the inherent weaknesses of the GIMP, but it came out alot better when i used the same style with my mouse while in the GIMP.

hope this is usefull.

Oh-yeah, I hope this is your first tablet, too, because I got to play with an intuos and am really considering an upgrade next tax-time!! There is definitly a noticable difference in quality, options, and support for the wacom line of tablets. But as a noob, and a non-professional artist, I was satisfied with it’s cheap ability to introduce a more natural digital aproach to art and interface.

Well I have Wacom Volito, which is Wacoms cheap model. It works pretty niely, but I decided I would like to try out a bigger tablet after I saw the prize tag on this particular Aiptek.

I was considring about Intuos or Grpahire2, but as we all know they are a bit more expensive and I’m a scrooge.

I have a Aiptek hyperpen8000u (its 6x8) and ive been haveing trouble getting it working properly in photo shop, its works fine in paint shop pro but photo shop doesnt detect the different pressure levels its can only be on or off, i dont know if its a problem with ps or the tablet or if im doing something wrong (i would bet on the later one).

Well, I got the tablet today fromthe mail, so here’s a quick review of it, if anyone is wonder anout the tablet:

Okay, first things first: Aiptek 1200U came whit, besides the A4 sized tablet, two cd’s, two change tips, a pen and a mouse.

The mouse is unbelievable crap. I mean it’s literally the worst mouse I’ve ever tried. Sits poorly in the hand and feels as sturdy as a card house. So I won’t be using that.

Now the pen, which is battery operated felt actually quite good, almost as the Wacom Volito pen, just a bit heavier because of the battery. But it’s not too heavy and it felt relatively good in hand.

The tablet has 24 four macro buttons, which I haven’t programmed yet, but they should speed up things a bit.

Now a word of the programs included: First cd includes the tablet drivers and other tablet programs, such as handwrite recognition program, signature and etc. stuff. Guess my surprise, when I started to install drivers and found out, that the CD only had SPANISH version of the drivers, so I had to fetch english drivers from the net. No biggie.
After I got drivers installed the tablet begun to regocnise the coordinates of the display, just like my old trusty Volito does, so no difference there.

Now on the cd number 2 there was this paint program called Corel Art Dabler, which I believe is discontinued by Corel. This doesn’t matter, as the program isn’t anything to write home about. And it has funniest UI I’ve ever seen: all the tools were in the upper part of the screen, located inside of a “drawer” which you had to click open if you wanted to change tool or get more than 16 colors on your palette. I’d say it’s suitable for kids, but not for the real stuff.

Now, the thing you’ve been waiting for: This tablet is actually quite a lot better than Volito. Pressure sensivity is better and it took the directions I gave it better, ie in PSP 7 Volito does blocky lines when you draw random curves. There wasn’t anything like that visible whit 1200U.

Though I can’t say has the quality of Volito boards increased, as I have the early Volito 1 and Wacom has released upgraded Volito 2, which might as well I know it be better than 1200U.

So conclusion: If you don’t have lots of money to spare Aiptek 1200U feels like a sensible tablet to chooce. It’s bigger than Volito and it seems to be more accurate as well.

I’ll post later, if I come up whit something new.