Air Bubbles in Fluid - Help

i want to make a simulation like this:

I don’t know how to make air bubbles in fluid, which look like those in that stock.
Any ideas? :slight_smile:

The most obvious way is to make a fluid using a particle system where each particle is a metaball, and then making air particles that are negative metaballs.
But that would require a very high metaball resolution for fine bubbles.


Make a tablet than emit objects (spheres) with particles.

Is that it?

Take care.

Yes, but bubbles need to float on surface of a water :wink:

Yes, make the surface of the liquid a collision surface e.g.

Did not come out so well because for transparency and refraction need a lot more samples
Maybe easier to see wireframe?

So this is with a particle system using meta-balls and a collision surface at the water boundary

Hope this helps


I think this could work, Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi! Metaballs works, but they are quite computational expensive. Instead of metaballs i just used normal icospheres and placed a plane on the water level to kill them once they reach it.
-here’s the result:

You can increase the visibility by changing the ior value in the materials settings.
here’s the blend:

I would do something very similar to thankz, but in my mind you should flip the normals on the icosphere. Otherwise what you have is like glass marbles in the water.