Air refraction

Hey, iw as thinking about how air has a refraction rate. Does this affect the horizon? What would happen if there was no refraction rate for air? Would the world be darker?

Ever wondered why the sunset makes the sky red and in the middle of the day its blue?!

Whats up with these questions? You can google this crap.

I was hoping to start an interesting conversation, not have another Google session.

I would say you started your original post wrong if you wanted a conversation about air refraction. It sounded as if you were simply looking for answers to a specific question (and you’re question seem very direct and probabily simple to answer making conversation very hard)

The first and last could be answered with simple yes/no. The second one would be answered “Light wouldnt be bent”

As you can see, it is very hard to start a conversation about three very simple questions, and usally conversations are a bit more than simply batting questions at people and getting them answered.

I’m not having a go at you, im just saying dont be surprised at bigbad’s reply and possibly rethink your original post if you want a conversation started on air refraction… You probabily wanted to go into more detail on the whole thing, but its rather factual meaning anything you could ask is already answered and searchable by google im afraid.

Probably more than you want to know about blue/red skies and why can be found
Then go to “light and vision”
I found this site quite by chance a long time ago while preparing a class lesson plan on electricity and magnetism (basics).
Plenty of info on atmospheric optics though.
Might want to check out the whole site starting at the home page…
lots of information on a nice variety of subjects. Might even be worth a bookmark?

Have fun :slight_smile:

Aaaaah… Google… the answer to all your questions, provided humans have already answered them, posted them online and you are prepared to go through a big list of search results (in worst-case scenarios).

Better google scientists than blenderartists newbs.

If Google is so great, why don’t you use that instead of these forums bigbad?

Answer? You want to talk to people. I imagine henrymop has a similar inclination.

I don’t know if henrymop likes the poetical qualities of light and the sky, but you have a fair point.
Google is just a search engine, created by humans. Thus it is subject to human error and to the inaccuracy of computers.
Plus, search engines don’t generally engage in a nice chat, do they? :wink:
Let’s not flame bigbad either.
I think it is time for henrymop to begin an interesting discussion about the sky and light.
Let it begin :smiley:

I know he has. But that doesnt change the question. Talking about light is science and can be all answered with one link.

Take a question that can’t answered with simple science. A question with your own opinion, then you’ll have a discussion. As long it isn’t religion or politics.

I think HenryMop got the answer he needs about light.

ps. I think MartyJ asked a very good question here. Why ask here at elysiun when you just can google it?

So can many of the blender questions people have. So why don’t we delete all the help forums on this site? Because even threads based on questions can be discussions, and it’s nice to have your opinion heard, as opposed to reading everyone elses.

Twisting the things someone says is fun, but it doesn’t prove your point.

You make no sense. What does the help forums on this site to do with air refraction?

Yeah I twist, so do you. Thats called discussion. Prove and disprove eachother. Thats the fun part you know. Then again I’m arguing with a 15 year old.

I never said the help forums have anything to do with air refraction. What are you talking about?:confused:
I made a comparison. People do that. You’ll discover that more and more as you communicate with the outside world.

And no, sorry, but twisting someone’s words is not a discussion, it’s an underhanded way to try to prove your point in an argument.

Yes people do that. I need no more discovering. I live in two countries which are multi cultural and multi ethnic. You’ll have a fun time discovering that too one day. Not on internet but in real life.

Yes people do that. You have to answer back if it’s wrong. Tell your side of the story.

The heat is rising.
I wanna join the flames…

Manson rocks!!
The square root of pi is precisely 3!

There is no flame here. Just a good old discussion about air refraction.

btw. pi with round number is 4.

If you need to do no more discovering, then why didn’t you spot the comparison I made in the first place? It doesn’t make sense that you act like you understand something only after I explain it to you, but insist you understood it the whole time.

Yet again, you misinterpret what I said. I never said people didn’t twist words, I said that twisting words doesn’t form a discussion. Pretty simple logic.

We’ve spun this thread sooooo far off-topic.

That’s why i wrote 3

And yet we are having a discussion about that. Catch my drift. :wink:

Have you ever used Google? You can find everything there. Even about air refraction and how to make a discussion. Look into flame war while you’re at it.

ps. Check out my cool gallery also.