Air Speed Auto Video Game

Hello. My name is Joe Crawford, owner of Joetainment Enterprises.

We have been working on a game called Air Speed Auto using the blender game engine. It is a very serious/active project. It will eventually become a complete game and eventually be released under the GPL. The very stylized art has been designed by Lindsey King.

I have an early, but playable and visually interesting, version available for download if anyone would like to try it:

It includes a windows executable. Linux versions are planned for the future as well.

The game is designed to be more of a puzzel, time based game than a regular racing game. There are switchs, etc, the user must hit to enable sections of the track to reach the finish line. We are combining elements from Super Monkey Ball, FZero, and Mario Cart. There will also be enemies/obstacles on the track.

As with most GPL projects, we are actively seeking volunteers. Python programmers are most wanted, as we currently have only one programmer. We already have a development team of 10+. (Many of which are students at The Vancouver Institute of Media Arts).

System requirements are presently quite high. We have not added LOD code or seperate collision volume yet. These are planned for the future.

Note that this project is completely unfinished. We are aware of many problems it currently has:
-HUD icons are not yet functional.
-Car is not placed back on track after falling off.
-No front end. (We do have one… it doesn’t isn’t ready for release)
-No completion of track/level upon crossing finish line.
-Many more I don’t have time to list…

Thanks for reading.

i love the style man. :smiley:

If you can get the other aspects to this game up close to its graphical style, it`ll be very cool indeed.

Any chance you could share a few screenshots for us non-windows users?

i’ll get on those screenshots!

The game looks awesome. Nice colors and feeling of a real game. Only the car slides too much on some places, but the game is really cool. Keep working on it like sounds, and more :smiley:

I expected to go though the walls @ such high speeds, suprised I didn’t, its a lil fast a slippery. Some AI and sound would help ^_^. The graphic are surprisingly well

I like this Very much, the style is Awsome, but i feel that something is missing.
And you shouldent slide so much. And when i go threw the wall some places i never seems to go to the button lol :slight_smile: or restart.

Very cool style!

And by the way Welcome to Elysiun :slight_smile:

:smiley: Gotta say I like the cartoonly look to the whole thing. Wow, looks like it’ll turn out to be a real great game. Yup, I had the same problem with it being way too slippery.

:stuck_out_tongue: Welcome to Elysiun.

Jason Lin

realy nice
althought the playability is a little bit dodgy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I reallllly love the way the game looks, it’s so awesome and stylish. The gameplay, however, is another story. You definetly go way too fast and the turning and sliding are both a bit messed up. Other than that, it looks really cool. if you want the game to be really fast, you’ve gotta make the track bigger.


I could not get it to work. I locked my whole computer up so I had to do a CTRL_ALT_Delete.