Air Warfare Destroyer

In browsing around the net I am gobsmacked when some of my images appear when I haven’t posted them myself. It is amazing what gets out. So I thought I would show my latest attempt moved to Blender from Sketchup so I can animate it better. Next step is smoke and fire and sea and sky - nothing trivial.


Very nice model, quite detailed. But may U please change that cyan background 4 the next rendering? It makes my eyes cancerous…
Btw., that destroyer has that whole “Aegis” missile-defense system, doesnt it? Those LPARs seem 2 indicate that, at least. If U should happen not 2 know at all, what I was just talking about, never mind, just forgit about it; it aint of any importance at all…

greetings, Kologe

Very very nice! Could you post wireframe?

It is a SPY1D(V) platform with the latest AEGIS weapon system being procured for the Australian Navy due in Service in 2014.

As far as posting a wireframe I am not sure what this means, post a picture of the wireframe, how do you do that?

Here is a view without the horrrible background and with the additional missile launchers