Airace Speed (img heavy!) (Nintendo)

Airace Speed just entered eShop of Nintendo’s handheld console, 3DS. It was created by QubicGames (Warsaw, Poland), a studio of 15 people.
It’s a time-trial racer with 18 unique levels.

Here is the gameplay TRAILER:

by a Polish company Dash Dot Creations.

The game is especially important for me. 3DSMax user Mikolaj learned to use Blender thanks to this project and my little help. Bartek, who joined the company in June as the third 3D artist, helped to finish the game on time.

Blender has been used at QubicGames since our first game, the FPS “CORE” for Nintendo DS, in 2007. We use it to create the content and to design levels. Things like triggers (than open and close passages) or mesh light are all exported from Blender.
Lighting is the only thing done in our own photonmapping software. Light is baked to vertex color - that’s why the wireframes are quite dense. Then it’s multiplied by 2 and by texture color in shaders.
We use a custom solution because Blender’s Radiosity joins all meshes and Cycles doesn’t support baking light.

The hardest thing during the project was to change little, repeating details that testers found wrong gameplay-wise or simply annoying.
We designed levels on curves, but before entering the final level art phase on each map, we had to apply these modifiers. It was super hard to change details laters.
Now, in a project I can’t reveal, we overcame it and now polishing a level is a pleasure! :wink: Thanks to level design add-on for Blender that I and Bartek written, we design levels in an abstract way and the geometry is auto-generated on demand, using modules from external files.

It’s our first fully 3D game on 3DS - a handheld which allows to use shaders (specular maps), stereo 3D effect - so the programmers also had a lot of fresh issues to solve :slight_smile:

We made it, the game is on eShop, it gets a lot of praises from reviewers. Average review score is now certainly above 70%, possibly over 75%. If it stays like that, it would be QubicGames’ highest rated game so far!


If you’re interested in 2D concepts for Airace Speed, check Behance thread by Pest :slight_smile:

I’m Bartek. That was very fun and challenging project. Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

Nicely done even I found it not so much contrasted. The trailer is nice too. Is this Blender ?