Hello, This is my first render posted on the Blender forums, my 4th complete project. This is a model of the Badger 150 Airbrush. I decided to create this model to use as a reference to a Airbrushed image of an airbrush. Any comments are appreciated. If anyone knows of a way to make it look more realistic, or sees something that should be fixed, please let me know. Thanks.


A few crits, but overall pretty good. Firstly it’s too bright, and you lose the pen outline against the background. The bottle strangely appears to be floating. And the liquid paint material is very unrealistic. Look at the settings on this site.

Keep working on it.

thanks for the reply. First off the light was intended to be that intense for the image that i am painting, otherwise i would just be working with dark tones. Second of all, it is floating, the reason for this is that is, i wanted to ensure a shadow. I could place it on the surface, however it seemed to look better floating, and i had to bring the surface closer to have the shadow in the picture. For the liquid paint material, I actually used the numbers for the oil on that site, except for the black, and cloud texture. With this said, if you have any other suggestions please feel free to let me know. thanks