Airbus 380-800F Fedex Freight-noob

Hi guys, sorry to bother you all but I need some help on this model I pretty much finished. I want it to be a bit refined though so I guess I will ask for lots of comments and suggestions since it is pretty crappy right now. This is my first time making an airplane but it does count for marks since this is a school project.

Thanks for any replies.

Weird, can’t seem to add more than 3 attachments in a post… so here is the other 3.

Last 2.

Very nice man! i’m still a n00b aswell and this looks like ur going some where :slight_smile:

I agree that it is looking pretty good. I won’t be able to help you as far as details on whether the plane is accurate, I really don’t know much about what the Airbus looks like.
It would be helpful if you posted some wires, specifically of the nose (side view) and turbine (also side view). There are some strange deformations and ripples happenning in those areas that I’m pretty sure need to be resolved.

Aye, there are some. I tried to fix for a couple of hours before I gave up. It only made it worse. I will try it again tonight, I might have to redo them. I will post some wire shots tomorrow.

Got them all fixed last night. No pics available today though. Will upload some tomorrow.

You stole my idea! :smiley:
Im modeling an A380 too, only took a one month brake from it. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe ill find some time soon to finish it.

Some renders of my model if anyone is interested:

Your model had some flaws, but ill wait and see what you fixed, before i comment anything.

Well I think this is fixed. I have a tight deadline so I didn’t go on too much details like I used to. I just used UV mapping on the front windows and they sure look crappy. Oh well. I have an airport set to make and lots of animations to do.

MassTA your model sure looks nice. Wish my model was like that.

anyways here are some shots of the fixed Airbus


Model looks nice, exept it looks a little low poly, but for animation it may be good enough.

Crits i found:

  • front wheel is to much to the back. move it to the front a little, and a little lower, at least it looks to be lower on the landing aproach photos i have (the plane is in the air on them).

  • the textures seem a little off… the windows and doors apear larger than in reality. Here a photo of the “interior”, hope itll help you scale the windows better:

  • edit: just noticed the tail wings should be closer to the rear.

hmm you right. Tail is too close to the front. Gotta change that, thanks.

Can’t change the doors or windows anymore, if I get the doors any smaller my cargo loader won’t be able to fit though hehe.

Thanks alot.

The mesh looks sort of messy, especially around the nose. Parhaps post a wire so we can look for problems with your mesh? There’s also a big dent in front of the tail on the top, I don’t know if that’s part of the design but it doesn’t look right.

Wow, wow. good observation. I didn’t even notice that dent. Thanks hehe.

It should be fixed.


Nose sort of fixed. Looks better now?

Maybe I should replace the black meshes for those windows with some real windows. would look nicer don’t you guys think? The windows in the very front.


ok, please don’t take offense, but the mesh on your plane is a mess.
The first thing I recommend doing is to select all vertices of the main body of the plane and hit ALT-J. We’ll see if that clears of some of those triangles. Your main problem with the nose (and the rest of the plane, if the nose is any indication) is that you have way too many edge-loops and therefore vertices in that area. I recommnend doing the following:

One thing I do not have in there for a step is refilling faces after deleting edge-loops, I kind of thought that to be obvious…
Anyway, hope this helps…

Also on the subject of mesh topology, I will point out that you can create the same effect as a 32-vertice circle with a subsurfaced 8-vertice circle, making a cleaner and easier to use mesh.
Secondly, you have an incredible amount of triangles, which need to be removed. From the shapes after the nose area it looks like you have subdivided it, I would not advise subdividing a part of the mesh connected to another as it creates triangles.
To remove edgeloops, if you have blender 2.40, you can select an edgeloop and choose edgeloop when you press delete. However, with a mesh filled with triangles this does not work - as before, Alt-J might sort those out. However, I found that Alt-J tended to make a ‘vortex’ effect with edgeloops spiralling around the object rather than making straight lines - probably not such a good idea, as it leads to triangles.

Apart from that, you are doing a very good job, especially for a new user! I doubt I could model this well at the time I was at your experience level, so apart from the mesh issues, this is excellent work indeed.

Wonderful information and suggestions. Thanks alot.

Soter, thank you for taking the time to make the diagram. I am going to fix my nose now.

The subsurfed idea is very interesting and looks much easier than my circle thingie hehe. Thanks alot. Will use that in my future models.