Aircraft - Blackburn Firebrand WIP

Hello everyone! This is a model I’ve started recetly, the WWII Blackburn Firebrand. Picture of the plane is here.

The hull is almost finished (misses engine, landing gear, flaps and the canopy). I’ll model the cockpit internal too, if i ever find some kind of reference… (google didn’t help :frowning: ). If I can’t find a reference pic, I guess I’ll just come up with something, or maybe make tha canopy glass opaque… :expressionless:

Anyway, c&c are welcome.

(imageshack won’t open not even after 10 minutes of wait, so I’ll just upload the picture’s here for now)


Nice start. Keep it up and keep posting updates. Nothing glaringly wrong that I can see at the moment.

What did you model that with? Nurbs? Or did you skin some bezier curves?
I’d like to make a plane myself but I can’t even make one look realistic or close to the real shape.
Nice job so far though. Looks real good. :slight_smile:

looks nice so far.