Aircraft Carrier, DDG, and Satellite...

Working on an animation for my work, really like the toon shader so far.
The ships need some more detail, especially the DDG. The Satellite is huge and low in the sky for a reason,just in case you’re wondering.

I’m thinking about adding some slight wake behind the ships, and making clouds that don’t look like hats. :o

This looks really cool! What’s the animation for?

Thanks! I’m fairly new to blender and 3D modeling programs in general, been at it only a month or so.

It’s for a simple demostration of how the Navy transfers calibration data to ships. Information goes from point A to B to C to D… etc.
It’s a lot more technical and in depth then that but it be boring to explain it all.

I need to figure out a good way of visually showing connections between all the locations via waves/dashes/etc. Right now I’m using blocky dashes, they’re okay, but I can’t think of anything better ATM.

So any ideas on how to add some more simple details (ocean waves, wake, jet stream, etc) would be great.

Wow, that’s really good for just starting out. Maybe you could do the “wave” symbols between them like )))

Love the work. Only criticism I have is that all the clouds look like cowboy hats :D. Other than that maybe have the satelite in the background on the right hand side and have the jets flying toward the land about to go feet dry.

I like the look of the clouds that look like hats, can I maybe suggest you have different shapes for the clouds.

The toon shader looks great and vibrant, Would you mind sharing some settings?

@Lamhaidh & Stuart.t: Yeah the clouds are weak, still haven’t made any that look decent. They all keep looking like hats or piles of poop.

@ Darklimit: Thanks. What settings are you looking for exactly?
Most of the material settings are similar.

Smooth: around .05
Intensity: around .9
Size varies between .8 & 1.3 depending on the model
Most have the spec turned off, or set very low with high hardness.
The ocean just has a simple cloud texture to it with a darker blue color.

That’s what I like about the toon shader, it doesn’t take much playing around to get something nice looking. I’ll probably post a short test animation later today. Maybe doing a 360 around the ships? I want to see how the shader looks in motion.

just awesome

You should make a submarine! Haha anyway it looks awesome.

@AlucardAssassin: Thanks! I’ve already made a sub though… it’s currently hiding under the water. Subs are sneaky like that.

Here is a simple animation of a 360 view of the ships. Not really liking the look of the ships and planes at a distance. The edge feature seems to only have one thickness regardless of distance to objects. I guess I need to keep that in mind when planning shots.

Oh very sneaky…very sneaky.

A few updates. Worked on the landscape a bit, added some buildings and a server. Not sure if I like the connection hashes.
Here’s a wide shot.

For some reason it won’t allow me to post three pics… so i’ll had to break them into multiply posts.